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title: 'updated website' date: 2014-06-21T12:05:00.002+12:00 draft: false

tags: ["blogger", "2014"]

Yay! New version of my website.

Using Google apis on the Node side of things. Meaning I have scrapped the Angular for posts and routing. Might put back some Angular routing later.

I've noticed that the Google+ api now shows where a post was shared to (Public, a community, etc). It also shows reshare details. Something that was missing and looked odd before.

I've added Blogger api integration which means that my blog posts on master5o1.blogspot.co.nz will come through to the ramblings section.

Still to come:

  • Pretty up the list of creations page.
  • Add some sort of caching so that Google API requests aren't done all the fucking time.
  • Make the app generic, with a separate theme. Release this thing on GitHub so that it may be reused by anyone else who wants a Google+ and/or Blogger based website.